Energy Management Engineering

EEP Management has successfully undertaken work and provides support in Energy Management Engineering as follows:

Energy Audits according to  AS3598 2014 and ISO 50,001 standards.

Greenhouse gas emission/carbon pollution inventory and compliance arrangements for commercial buildings & industrial processes.

Energy management and technology transfer for commercial buildings and industrial processes and manufacturing.

Low carbon economy and climate change management for commercial buildings and industrial sector.

Energy feasibility and optimisation studies.

Investigate energy use, costs in industrial complexes, process plant, equipment, and commercial and institutional buildings.

Carbon neutral, zero emission technology transfer.

Energy use simulation using advanced software packages, mathematical modelling and application of Pinch Technologies for optimising energy use.

Instrumentation and control systems including computer-based energy management systems (EMS), including demand management

Project planning and implementation.

Design, construction and supervision service for the installation of new equipment.

Equipment specification, documentation and procurement.

Cost estimation for new projects that includes capital costs, direct and indirect operating costs and takes into consideration, planned maintenance and staffing.

Commissioning new and modified plants.

Energy research and development.

Application of renewable energy such as solar wind, mini hydro.

Training programs.